“It would be wise to pick up one of these soft Buddha plushies. They come in multiple sizes to bring you happiness on the go. May they forever bring you luck throughout life.” —Nakia

This fluffy sweetheart simply begs to be picked up and held tight. As a travelling monk, Huggy Buddha is a big friend to adults and children alike and represents carefreeness and happiness. Do not be misguided: despite its exotic looks, it is a purely Dutch design by Sandra de Vries at Big Buddha in Voorburg, the Netherlands. With Huggy Buddha she made far eastern spirituality accessible and palpable.

To some it is a happy Buddha, to others it is just a nice cuddly toy or a cozy home accessory. And that is just fine. Treat someone else or treat yourself! 
It is a myth that you should never give a Buddha to yourself.

It is a mere rumour that started somewhere and has persisted ever since. For any Buddha, whether given or bought, will make you happy. So, what are you waiting for??

Available now in our Lauderhill “Main” location.

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