These certificates are valid for the in-store exchange of all goods at TATE’S Comics, Bear and Bird FL and TATE’S Gaming Satellite. No restrictions on their use in-store!

It’s impossible to remember what issue of Amazing Spiderman your friend or family member doesn’t have. What action figure was it that they had to have the last time they were at TATE’S?! Blanking out on their favorite Japanese snack? Let us help you get it right. Give’m the best gift of all… an official TATE’S Certificate of Gift!

TATE’s Gift Certificate

Purchase Gift Certificates in-store or online!

TATE's Gift Certificates for Sale!
Please note at checkout if you would like the Gift Certificate mailed directly to the recipient and we can fill out the “TO” and “FROM” for you. Otherwise it will be mailed to directly to you blank for your finishing touches.


These amazing pieces of paper can be magically exchanged for awesome stuff at TATE’S Comics, Bear and Bird FL and also TATE’S Gaming Satellite.

You choose the amount you would like to gift and we’ll snail mail an official TATE’S Certificate of Gift via USPS, plus some bonus stickers, to your (or their) doorstep. Easy Peezy! Everyone is happy, because everyone LOVES a gift certificate best of all!

Feeling Generous?
If you are buying a bunch of small $ amount gift certificates and giving them out to a few people, please add them to the cart individually and we will give them to you all separately. Or want a big huge amount combined into one massive best gift ever? Let us know that too.

Cannot be replaced if lost or stolen, guard them like you would cash once in your hands!

Any questions, just email and ask!