NO returns or exchanges on back issue comics, Hot Toys, model kits or original artwork. No exceptions.

All statues are required to be opened & inspected by the buyer and a Statue Release Form must be signed off at time of purchase. Statues may not be returned due to damage or defects of any kind.

Certain rare and/or valuable items are not eligible for return under any circumstances. Buyer will be notified and asked to sign a disclosure form before purchasing said items.

ALL OPENED ITEMS WILL BE CONSIDERED USED. Used items may be accepted for store credit, the amount of store credit you receive will be determined by a manager.

Refunds can only be made in the same form as the original payment. Please note: Credit returns require BOTH the register receipt & credit card receipt and the credit card used for the purchase. If you do not have both receipts, we can only offer store credit!

Defective items without receipt may only be exchanged for the same item.

All returns are always at the discretion of management.

A word about mystery packaged (blind boxed) items…

You cannot return any blind boxed items once they have been opened, but we do offer our customers a special option… if they choose to take advantage of it!

Getting doubles on mystery packaged/blind boxed figures is a fact of life, but have no fear… we will trade with you!

How does it work?
Follow these simple steps for blind box happiness!

  1. Select and purchase a blind box/mystery packaged item from us.
  2. Before you leave the store, open it and see what’s inside. We do have sharp tools if you need one to help you open it!
  3. If you don’t get one you love, ask nicely to trade it for one of our display figures!

Please note the conditions for trading: We will only trade when you open the package at the front register, after you pay, but before you leave. Trades can only be made within the same exact series. Trading is a privilege, we reserve the right to refuse to trade with anyone for any reason.

Blind Box FIGURES we will only trade if we do not already have it on display, we don’t want duplicate display figures! It defeats the purpose of the displays!

We cannot trade figures out of sealed display cases from the manufacturer!