Sorry to say that we just do not have an online shop and do not ship merchandise! TATE’S is not that kind of store, it is a unique in real life experience!

Honestly, it is just too big of an undertaking for us to do well… we can’t logistically to put every single awesome thing we have in an online shop! There is too much! Have you seen how huge this store is?! We have even more in back stock if you can believe it! For now, and the foreseeable future, the only way to experience the true glory of TATE’S is to come in person. Make the trip, you won’t be sorry!

You CAN purchase TATE’S gift certificates from us online! Keep in mind, these are mailed to you and have to be redeemed in-person, in-store!

Our Bear and Bird New York location actually does have an online shop, but that ships from NY and does not represent a range of what the South Florida location has to offer.

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