“The new Limited Edition series 1.5 DC Bombshells are the BOMB! Pun Intended. With the new color variants and new poses, they are packed with the cutest punch ever to grace your collection. Watch out for the fallout from these kawaii little vixens! =]” —Jo

Based on the highly popular DC Bombshells line of comics and collectibles, the 10 unique sculpts found in the previously released Series 1 have been refreshed with variant paint designs. The figures include Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Batwoman, and many more of DC’s iconic female Super Heroes and Super-Villains. In addition to their regular Series 1.5 figures, Catwoman and Poison Ivy are receiving deco variants that will be rare, bringing the total number of collectibles in the series to 12. Designed by Pedro Astudillo and sculpted by Sam Greenwell, the 2.75-inch figures are hand-painted and come in blind-reveal tins. DC Comics Lil’ Bombshells Series 1.5 vinyl figures are a limited edition.

Available now at our Lauderhill “Main” location and Boynton Beach “North” Location.


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