“This book starts the team up for The Brave and The Bold, and it is one of the nicest copies of this book i have seen. The colors really pop!” —Tony #6

The first volume of the series ran for 200 issues from August/September 1955 to July 1983. Originally, The Brave and the Bold was an anthology series featuring adventure tales from past ages with characters such as the Silent Knight, the Viking Prince, the Golden Gladiator, and Robin Hood. With issue #25, the series was reinvented as a try-out title for new characters and concepts, starting with the Suicide Squad created by writer Robert Kanigher and artist Ross Andru.

Starting with issue #59 The Brave and the Bold became, more specifically a Batman team-up book with the Caped Crusader as the book’s main focus. This was due to the popularity of the Batman television series, which led to the creation of Batmania. After issue #74, The Brave and the Bold was exclusively a Batman team-up title until it ended with issue #200.

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