Florida man
“Even if you’re not from the Sunshine State, you can now make your own Florida Man headlines in the Florida Man card game! Mugshot photographer not included.” – Steve

The Truth is pretty rough.

Questionable stuff happens everywhere. Thanks to a statewide freedom of press law in Florida, we get a closer glimpse into the baffling behavior of Sunshine State locals. You just can’t make this stuff up. Or can you?

Florida Man Card Game includes:
100 Headline Cards
306 Action Cards
2 Decoder Cards
1 Headline Card Stand
1 Instruction Sheet

We’ve all heard about Florida Man and the troubles he’s gotten in, but what about the Florida Woman? There is also an expasion pack that is dedicated solely to the antics of the Florida Woman.

In these headlines we get a look at why she is setting her roommate on fire, tactics for successfully avoiding shoplifting, her idea for a little birthday fun and many more questionable behaviors.

Play with just this pack for a focus on the ladies, or add to the core game for double trouble.

Available at our Lauderhill location. If you ever want anything transferred up to Boynton, just ask!


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