“These figures are super dreamy! The soft, pleasing colors are a joy to behold. A beautiful gift for yourself or someone you love.” – Kathy

The stunning art by Xiaoou Jia of Kemelife comes to life with these amazing figures. Xiaoou Jia’s Girls with enchanted animals? This is journey we wanted to follow!

Let’s all return to innocence…. our eyes and hearts opened to the art of Xiaoou Jia of Keme life with his Fairy tales of Xiaoou Jia’s (Steven Jia) Girls with enchanted animals.

These figures are truly ART. The packaging is sturdy and pleasing. If you see them in person you are going to want them ALL.

We have several styles to choose from. Regular and “Lite” versions.

Available at our Lauderhill location.


This week’s notable new comics! 11/18/20 release.
This week’s notable new comics! 11/25/20 release.

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