Ok, maybe I should have said WHICH Spiderman 1 was signed. D’oh. Still, the McFarlane cover is still iconic.

Other signed books:
Stan Lee: ravage 2099 (hey, he wrote it)
Todd McFarlane: Spiderman 2
Josh Middleton: NYX 3 (1st X23)
Jim Lee: Xmen 1


Finally got in restock of the Jim Lee run on Batman. Including the HTF 2nd print 608 & 612 (Bonus! signed by Jim Lee)

batman comics


Gearing up for the upcoming Marvel movies: Guardians of the Galaxy; Captain America 2; Avengers 2 – 1st appearances


Some key issues. Also 2 complete sets of “JLA vs Avengers” (one set signed by George Perez).


Quick pic of some of the comics worked on today. Amazing Spiderman and Land of the GIANTS.


Timey Wimey Doctory whatnots!

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