Len Insalaca

What will you spend your $25 on? Don’t know.

How long have you been visiting TATE’S? 2 Years.

How old are you? Over 21.

How do you make a living? Composer/Orchestrator

If you could do ANYTHING, how would you make a living?Composing music for blockbuster movies.

Do you have any pets? A dachshund named Buddy the Elf (the kids named him).

Do you have any tattoos? No.

What was you favorite toy as a child? — Now? Lionbot(Voltron)/ Voltron 20th Anniversary Edition

What do you collect? Comics, CD’s, Virtual Instrument sample libraries

What are some of your hobbies? Spending time with my family, Yankee Baseball, Video Games, Film Music.

What is your Favorite Comic? Superman/Batman

What is your Favorite Cartoon? Family Guy

What is your Most Favorite Movie? The Original Star Wars Trilogy (I count them as one)

What is Your Favorite T-Shirt? One with my kids picture on it.

What is your dream car? Don’t know.

What superpowers do you wish you possessed? The power to write like John Williams.

Most treasured possession? My Family

Do you have a homepage? www.angelwindmedia.com

List your favorite websites: tatescomics.com, yankees.com,intrada.comign.comdccomics.com