Joshua Entin

What will you spend your $25 on? I will enjoy watching my friend’s 4 year old son continue collecting spider-man comics (so that he can add to the ones I have given to him).

How long have you been visiting TATE’S? Years and Years

How old are you? 34 on March 26th!!

How do you make a living? Trial lawyer.

If you could do ANYTHING, how would you make a living? I’m living the dream.

Do you have any pets? Daytona – Shiba Inu; Cossette – Mutt.

Do you have any tattoos? Yes; I have the world’s worst spider tat on my ankle and a “Kick-Ass” half sleeve on my right arm with Asian elements (Artist – Chris Blinston).

What was you favorite toy as a child? — Now? My favorite childhood toy was my ColecoVision game console system. My favorite toy now is Monika – my wife. I also love my full size stand-up arcade games (Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man, Smash T.V., Fireball pinball machine).

What is your most bizarre childhood memory? My father convincing me at 8 years old that our family was from another planet, we had our own language, and I would soon develop special abilities (I’m still waiting for this to happen).

What is the one thing that irritates you the most? Undisclosed restoration on comic books.

What is your favorite smell? Fresh fudge in a candy store.

What do you collect? Golden Age Comic Books, Pulps from the 1920’s and 30’s, original comic art, first edition Wizard of Oz novels, Little Big Books, and toys associated with my favorite 80’s flicks.

What are some of your hobbies? GA funnybook collecting, Poker, watching mixed martial arts, Miami Dolphins, Miami Hurricanes, date night with my wife, a good book (now on my Kindle).

What is your Favorite Comic/Manga? Reading – Walking Dead; Cover – Exciting Comics #39 (Nedor Publications – June, 1945

What is your Favorite Anime/Cartoon? Jack and the Beanstalk (Katsumi Furukawa’s 1974 version)

What is your Most Favorite Movie? Flash Gordon (1980) – Music by Queen, Ornella Muti, Topol, are you kidding me?

What is your Favorite Bumper Sticker? “Work hard, the people on welfare depend on you!”

What is your Favorite T-Shirt? “I Beat Anorexia!” – worn by a fat man..

What is your Dream Car? Centauri’s DeLorean from the Last Starfighter

What superpowers do you wish you possessed? Whatever power would allow me to take my brother down in an IFOCE sanctioned competition.

If you could banish anyone into the sun, who would it be? Alexis Horowitz

Which character on The Simpsons do you identify most with? Marge

Most treasured possession? My 8 month old daughter – Ashley Madison (yes, I know it’s also a swingers website – pervert)

Do you have a homepage?

What are your favorite websites?;;;