What will you spend your $25 on? The weekly comics

How long have you been visiting TATE’S? Many years around 10

How old are you? 40 something

How do you make a living? I work in productions

If you could do ANYTHING, how would you make a living? I would like to be in charge of creative input at a movie studio

Do you have any pets? Yep, 1 dog Brutus – 1 cat Theo

Do you have any tattoos? No

What was you favorite toy as a child? — Now?  Then – Transformers  | Now – Can’t say

What is your most bizarre childhood memory? Being freaked out at the Macy’s Day Parade

What is the one thing that irritates you the most? Mean people

What is your favorite smell? Developing film old school in a dark room

What do you collect? Comics

What are some of your hobbies? Photography, comics, writing, music

What is your Favorite Comic/Manga? Sandman

What is your Favorite Anime/Cartoon? Old school G.I. Joe episodes

What is your Most Favorite Movie? Godfather II

What is your Favorite Bumper Sticker? Have to get back to you on that one

What is your Favorite T-Shirt? It’s an old Yankee’s t-shirt my father gave to me

What is your Dream Car?  Flying

What superpowers do you wish you possessed? Invisibility

If you could banish anyone into the sun, who would it be? A certain president

Which character on The Simpsons do you identify most with? I don’t

Most treasured possession? Me

Do you have a homepage? Nope

What are your favorite websites? I hate the internet