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We are honored and thrilled that Bridget Sweet included us in her list of must see places in the Fort Lauderdale area, for the Feb/March 2013 issue of BUST magazine. Thank you Bridget, for sharing us with the world! 🙂

BUST is a nationally distributed and really fantastic magazine for cool chicks. If you are a guy, its likely you’ve never even flipped through it… but, don’t be scared, you might learn something! …and if you’re a cool chick make sure to check it out, its refreshing compared to so many lame girly mags out there! We sell it here at the store.

With an attitude that is fierce, funny, and proud to be female, BUST provides an uncensored view on the female experience. BUST tells the truth about women’s lives and presents a female perspective on pop culture. BUSTing stereotypes about women since 1993.


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