New Times Best of 2008

Best Place to Meet Intelligent Women

Tate’s Comics

Who’s to say that mastering quantum physics or molecular biology is any better a measure of intelligence than slaying D&D monsters or naming all the planets in the Star Wars solar system? At Tate’s Comics one scores IQ points for these latter bits of esoteric knowledge, and one can also score a phone number. That’s the object of Geek Singles Night, an event launched this year with the help of a flyer that shows Captain Kirk locking lips with Princess Leia. The boldest geeks go through a gauntlet of speed dating booths, where future sweethearts can compare comic book collections. More bashful geeks might prefer to take up a game of Jenga or challenge a rival to a light saber duel. Also, there’s beer — because geeks need social lubricants, too

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