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We tried. We really tried. Surely, there had to be a challenger to knock Tate’s Comics off its perpetual throne as best comic source in South Florida. But no. Not only has Tate’s continued to be the gravitational center of the local graphic-novel universe but the mind-blowing manga seller has even upped its game. As in its “gaming satellite,” to be precise. Formerly located in a crammed nook of a nearby storefront, the new gaming space has moved to a much larger unit a few doors north of the main store. That means more room for your buds, their ninja minis, and all those dice in a marathon role-playing session. And back at comic-book central, the main shop is still a trip for the casual shopper or hard-core fan. Even if you aren’t the classic comic type, your imagination will be stoked by a walk through this maze of anime DVDs, movie props, comic artist supplies, and wild action figures.

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